Our latest ongoing projects

We develop effective and innovative solutions for online users on the internet, especially to transform offline users into online community. Our fully functional Online projects are:


Bizbilla.com is a unique featured B2B (i.e. business to business) global trade portal to bridge all continent and countries businesses. Importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, manufacturers, traders, export house, import house, marketing representatives, commission agents, merchant exporters, manufacturing exporters, Export oriented units(EOU), SME (small medium enterprises) , MSME (micro - small medium enterprises), private sector companies, public sector companies, distributors, dealers, stockiest , C&F agents, agencies, retailers and individual consumers can make use of our valuable services and shall make business very simple and with convenient methods that are highly secured and quick to save time and earn huge profits. Bizbilla.com would primarily operate in all parts of the world, while targeting regional, national and international trade. With Business- to-Business networks, emerging to be one of the most successful industries in the market, especially with the economic crisis on hand, businesses are looking for the most cost and time-effective method to do trade. Bizbilla will primarily concentrate on small and medium size businesses. We as a company are trying to reduce and eliminate the chain of middlemen, by providing a web based portal where businesses, individuals, traders can come together to browse, advertise, buy and sell their products in large volumes, hence cutting down one or many middlemen in the process.


Getting together the various MSME, MSME companies, retailers/traders and the consumers using Bizbilla.com as the global business platform


Choosing ecommerce as a gateway to build a global interface or portal, our organization concentrates on wiping out the diversity and obstacles in the trading industry.


Bizbilla.com offers the consumer a vast variety of goods to choose from, promoting them to not only chooses the exact same product they are looking for but also letting them buy it in bulk. This is not only beneficial for the consumer but also for the company as it promotes the easy transfer of the products to the consumers, limiting the chain of middlemen faced otherwise.


Ecbilla is our Global E-Commerce portal where you can open your online retail shop and shall start your business instantly. Order management is very simple and easier . Your business can be customized and can be managed by you. Transactions can be made for free of cost and 24/7 support is provided by ecbilla.com . Your online store will be fully responsive for all screens . State of art technology solutions, customizable web designs with editable texts, banners and pictures that you need are made easy and simple. Themes and textures will have a rich look which makes your online store attractive and professional. It is the perfect platform for stores to sell their products locally and globally. We have provided complete CMS (Content Management System) to manage your online store contents such as products, images, texts and SEO on all pages with ease. We also provide you beautiful, customized, individual App with complete features for your store. You can operate your store while on the move.


Edubilla.com is a Global education information portal It helps education institutions thrive in an open and dynamic world and offers free resource for educators. With Edubilla.com Svasamsoft provides a wide range of sophisticated and comprehensive services and Web-based solutions to the Global educational system. This global education portal gives students, faculty, staff, and alumni quick and easy access to all the information and resources they need.


Careerbilla.com is a Global Job search and information portal that provides a new online job market for job seekers and potential employers. The aim is to support the job seekers in their job search in order to help them build a successful career. Is a one stop destination that provides detailed information about career and Job opportunities worldwide.Careerbilla.com offers detailed information about recruiter, application process, selection procedure for various jobs, interview tips, personality development guides and many more helpful information related to career and job search. Careerbilla.com helps employers and recruiters post jobs This job portal can prove to be very helpful since it allows users of different profile to upload their cvs, search job on the basis of their qualification and also allow them to interact with the people of same community. Every user can access through user id and apply for multiple jobs at a time. Careerbilla.com is developed to provide all categories of job and help to get various type of job. The main purpose of this job portal is to provide the facility to Job seekers for getting the quick job.


Tradebilla.com is a global social investing platform for trader and investors across the world. A unique global online portal featured with blogs, forums, first of its kind live chat room for traders/investors dealing with Stocks, commodities and foreign currencies across the world ,supports more than 105 international stock exchanges ,70+ commodity exchanges and worldwide 24/7 Forex market. Users who access Tradebilla.com can tap into the world's largest investment networks. There are many opportunities to interact with rich trading communities across the world, whether through our live chat traders messaging system or through one of the many discussions forums where users can exchange investment ideas with traders from across the globe. Tradebilla's social trading and investment platform network enables every user to find expert traders to learn from and follow the best ones based on their track record and risk profile.


Blogbilla.com provides an online platform and functions to be an online diary, journal or log for those who want to express themselves online. It is the most powerful means of sharing information on the internet. Blogging has emerged as a specialized industry in itself and is increasingly being used by individuals and enterprises alike for establishing and enhancing their online presence. In Blogbilla a blog is much easier to start as compared to a business website. Blog provides most powerful marketing and communication vehicle for businesses worldwide. Whether it is an informal message from the Company's management accomplishment of a team member or a channel for business messaging, a blog can add a new dimension to your marketing communication.